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This LED has a brain!

These 8mm RGB LEDs also contain the WS2811 chipset.

These LEDs have an internal chips to control their brightness and color. You can place many LEDs in a long daisychain and send them serial communication to individually control each LED.

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We believe we may have the world's first through hole LED with an internal chip for serial communication. These LEDs are inspired from the Neopixel concept. These 8mm RGB LEDs also contain the WS2811 chipset. These LEDs can be wired on a bus without any additional components such as resistors or chips, and each LED can be individually controlled on the bus. These LEDs are basically a drop-in replacement for the Neopixel except the packaging is way different. The data sheet for the WS2811 is available at:

You may have suspected that it's hunky yet handsome lead frame was designed to give it more structural integrity than average spindly LED. However these robust leads are also used to dissipate heat, because internally there is not only three LEDs red green and  blue, but also the WS2811 chipset which regulates the power to all three internal LEDs as commanded through its one wire protocol.


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