Mama's Extremely Accurate Real Time Clock

Extremely Accurate I2C Real Time Clock with integrated crystal.

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This RTC uses the DS3231. it's the same chip as on the ChronoDot.
You can download the data sheet for this chip here.
You may be asking why is it called “Extremely Accurate”? You may be thinking I’m just using some fancy words to try and make this products sound better then it actually is. However you may be interested to know that “Extremely Accurate” is now engineering terminology. Just take a look at the data sheet for this chip. The Engineers at Maxim Integrated are calling it “Extremely Accurate I2C-Integrated RTC/TCXO/Crystal”
Friends of mine who have tested this chip and the cheaper DS1307 Real Time Clock tell me that the DS1307 (the cheaper one) is typically off by a few seconds every day. Historically that’s consider good enough for a RTC however in today’s highly connected world most cell phones and GPS units are able to get the time from the network. So now people are able to verify how accurate there RTC is. For this reason many people are starting to switch to the DS3231 an extremely accurate RTC.
Please Note:
For reasons I cannot explain this real-time clock will not work with the current Leonardo family of Arduino's. To my knowledge it works great with the Duemilanove, the UNO, and the Mega. I suspect the I2C firmware in the Leonardo still has a little room for improvement.




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